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Books are our one great escape. A chance to disappear into someone else’s life for just a little while.

Romance novels are the most read genre of books. What draws so many of us to romance novels? Romances have been called every thing from trashy to “mommy porn”. But like any other genre of novel, they speak to the reader in a way that makes us go back for more.

Some are escapism – the handsome millionaire rescuing the poor Cinderella. Or the biker alpha. Or the rock star. Or the young couple, torn apart and then finding each other again many years later. Some of them deal with real life issues and other are completely make-believe. But whatever type of romance appeals to you, there is one thing that is consistent…the idea that there is a love out there for everyone.

We want the hero and heroine to get together. We want the happy ending. We want to imagine that true love can conquer all.

So whether you are a fan already or just checking me out, know that I see romance novels as a way to bring a little pleasure into your life, a chance to escape, and perhaps even add a spark! Enjoy!!

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