Thoughts on Self Publishing

Self Publishing

Why do I self publish instead of going through a traditional publishers?  The larger publishing houses will generally not take unsolicited manuscripts and authors have to find agents that will represent them.  With ebooks becoming so prevalent, authors were finding that they can maintain control over their books and published what they want, when they want, and where they want.  That type of control for me is essential.  With Amazon, I am able to earn 70% royalties as long as my books are sold for $2.99 and higher.  Many small time authors publishing with small publishing houses only receive 25% royalties.  I can choose my cover, cover models, photographer and work with my own cover graphic designer to create the cover that exactly represents what my vision is.  I can choose when to publish.  I am friends with several authors who are with small publishing houses and they write books that don’t get published for a year or more.  I have been able to publish 6 books within one year!

For some they want the publisher to handle everything:  cover, marketing, sales, advertising.  But for me, control is essential!  So if you are a fan of mine, expect many more books to come!

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