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The Long Road Home

Home is no longer the place he left… but it’s all he’s got. John Roster is flying to his childhood home in Maine after a medical discharge from the Army.
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Lighthouse Security Investigations West Coast

The new subseries to Lighthouse Security Investigations.
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Baytown Heroes

The new subseries to Baytown Boys
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Baytown Boys

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is a beautiful peninsula, one that my husband and I discovered several years ago.
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Lighthouse Security Investigations

The New Spinoff Series from the Saints Protection & Investigations Series!
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Alvarez Security Investigations

Private security agency of former military Green Berets who help out the detectives in Love’s Taming.
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Heroes at Heart

As a counselor in high schools for 25 years, I had the ability to work closely with thousands of adolescents.
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Saints Protection & Investigation

When I first wrote Gabe’s story, I included a character named Jacques “Jack” Bryant as one of their squad members from the Special Forces.
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The Fairfield

The Fairfield Series is the first series that I wrote. I had once read a story about a group of couples getting together in a bar and I had an idea of what a blind-date gone poorly would be like in that situation.
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The Love's

Near the end of Carol’s Image (Fairfield Series) I introduced a character that would be the main hero in my next book, therefore kicking off the new series.
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Letters from Home

Heartwarming stories of military men overseas finding friendship…and love…through the letters sent by someone who cares back home.
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Hope City

It had taken five years for Detective Kallie Redman to become emotionally and psychologically available after her cop-husband devastated their marriage and her career.
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The only easy day was yesterday and no one knows that better than Lieutenant Commander Silas Branson. He may have taken several kicks to the gut but once a Seal always a Seal. 

I have joined with a group of 11 other amazing Authors and we have created our own world! Each book is a standalone novel, no cliffhanger, and they can be read in any order.

The SEALs in Paradise book series by multiple authors includes books Hot Seal, Salty Dog: A Brotherhood Protectors Crossover Novel, Hot SEAL, S*x on the Beach, Hot Seal, Dirty Martini, and several more.