Time for Home

Title: Time for Home
Series: The Long Road Home #17
Release Date: June 18, 2024

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Army Ranger Oliver Parker considered the world and wherever the mission sent him to be his home.

Now, with an injury to his leg, he was scrambling to redefine what home was to him. The prospect of living with family felt stifling, and he yearned for a space to call his own.
But a chance meeting with a kid who tried to rob him sent him crashing into a world of homeless teens and the woman who tries to give them a home.

Charity recognized poverty and was determined to help the teens who passed through her center.

She didn’t have time for the handsome Oliver, but she couldn’t ignore the pull she felt for him, especially after he offered to help with the teens.

Danger lurks around the homeless center, and now she is a target.

Oliver and the Keepers of Lighthouse Security Investigations race to save Charity and the teens who need their help.

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