Doin’ what I love!

After having a career as an adolescent counselor for about 25 years and now able to write full time, I am lucky!  I have been involved in 2 very different jobs that I absolutely love!  Writing has become for me, not just what I want to try, or what I do…but who I am.  I express myself through my characters.  I write the stories that I love to read.  I create relationships (not only the alpha male and his independent woman, but their families, co-workers, friends, neighbors).  If you read my stories you will become immersed, for a little while, in my creation.  And I love what I do!  So know that I do not do this for the money, or trying to hit a list, or any other reason other than…I love doin’ what I do!

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  1. Absolutely love every book in the Alvarez Security series. When is Jobe’s story
    coming out? Will there be others?

    Linda Ware

    1. Thank you so much for contacting me! I am excited that you love the Alvarez Series! Jobe’s story is back from the editor and I am working on finalizing him now! Jobe will be up for pre-sale in September and released in later September. I hope you will enjoy my other two series also while you wait! Love’s Taming, Love’s Tempting, and Love’s Trusting is Shane, Matt, and BJ’s stories!

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