Love’s Series Characters

Love's Taming

Annie Donavan – late 20’s; coppery red hair;  A Veterinarian working in her own inner-city practice;  no time for dating but takes a chance on a one night encounter with a stranger.

Shane Douglass – early 30’s; dark hair, scruffy beard, an Undercover Detective with the Richland Police Department;  hard, rough, has been living in a dark world;  see Annie and knows the sun is shining once again on his life.

Love's Tempting

Lily Swanson – late 20’s; blonde hair; is a Software Engineer; is a below the knee amputee; keeps to her self until she finds herself in danger.

Matt Dixon – early 30’s; dark hair; a scar on his face; hardened Detective for the Richland Police Department; falls for the beautiful Lily and vows to protect her with his heart.

Love's Trusting

Suzanne (Suzy) – mid 20’s;  Suzy from the Fairfield Series all grown up;  a Veterinarian Tech working for Annie she does not want to fall for her old flame, but sometimes life has a way of making different choices for us.

BJ (Brad) – mid 20’s;  Brad from the Fairfield Series;  he lost his love  years earlier and now has a chance to re-claim her once again;  he works to keep her safe as he works to build their future