Printable Book List

My books are all stand-alone reads.  This means a reader can pick up any book and read it for complete enjoyment.  A full story, complete with developed characters and a guaranteed happily-ever-after!

But, I also know that many readers prefer to read books as they have been written, especially in series where other characters are mentioned.  

For those readers, a list of my books, divided into series is below.

The Fairfield Series 

  • Laurie’s Time
  • Carol’s Image
  • Emma’s Home (this was my first book to be written, but actually takes place after Laurie and Carol’s story)
  • Fireworks Over Fairfield

The Love’s Series (features a character introduced in Carol’s Image from the Fairfield Series)

  • Love’s Taming
  • Love’s Tempting
  • Love’s Trusting (features an adult hero who was first introduced in the Fairfield Series and also is part of the Alvarez Security series)

Alvarez Security Series

  • Gabe
  • Tony
  • Vinny
  • Jobe

Saints Protection & Investigations

  • Serial Love (features a hero who was introduced in the Alvarez Security Series)
  • Healing Love (features a heroine introduced in Jobe, from the Alvarez Security Series)
  • Revealing Love
  • Seeing Love
  • Honor Love (features a hero, first introduced from Tony, from the Alvarez Security Series)
  • Sacrifice Love
  • Protecting Love
  • Remember Love
  • Discover Love
  • Surviving Love
  • Celebrating Love (features a heroine, first introduced  from Remember Love)
  • Searching Love (introduces Mace, who will begin the Lighthouse Security Investigation series)

Letters From Home Series (all independent stories)

  • Class of Love (includes the novella Sign of Love)
  • Freedom of Love
  • Bond of Love

Baytown Boys Series

  • Coming Home (features a hero, first introduced in the Saints Series)
  • Just One More Chance
  • Clues of the Heart
  • Finding Peace
  • Picking Up the Pieces
  • Sunset Flames
  • Waiting for Sunrise
  • Hear My Heart
  • Guarding My Heart
  • Sweet Rose
  • Our Time
  • Count On Me

Heroes at Heart (contemporary romances inspired by Fairy Tales)

  • Zander
  • Rafe
  • Cael
  • Jaxon
  • Jayden 
  • Asher
  • Zeke
  • Cas

Lighthouse Security Investigations (spin off series from Saints)

  • Mace
  • Rank
  • Walker
  • Drew
  • Blake
  • Tate

Multi Author Collaborations

  • Thin Ice (part of the Sleeper SEAL series)
  • SEAL Together (part of the Silver SEAL series)
  • Undercover Groom (part of Hot SEAL series, Wedding Edition)

Hope City (collaboration with Kris Michaels)

  • Brock/Sean (Hope City Duet)
  • Carter (Maryann Jordan)
  • Brock (Kris Michaels)
  • Kyle (Maryann Jordan)