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I was a reader first.  Then a reader/reviewer.  Then a blogger.  When I first began writing about 6 months ago, my only concern was not falling flat on my face.  Would anyone like my book?  Would anyone buy my book?  I told my husband that the only reason I was writing was just to prove to myself that I could do it.  In the past 6 months, I have published 4 books and am almost finished with the 5th one.  But reviews were scary.  It is strange to go from being a private person to suddenly having very public reviews plastered on Goodreads or Amazon.   The thing about reviews is that they can make your day or sting!

Things I have learned from reviews:

1.  You cannot please everyone.  For everyone who ever wrote that they loved my book, loved the characters, said my heroes were their new book boyfriends…there would be the occasional reviewer who did not like the book, the sex, the language, the alpha male.

2.  You can learn something from constructive criticism.  My first book was sent to an editor who did little more than take my money and only edited the first 1/5 of the book.  So I struggled along myself.  There were a couple of people who noted that it needed better editing.  I agree.  One person who liked it felt like there needed to be more character growth and development.  For my next books, I made sure to have the characters grow and change as the relationship progressed.

3.  The really good reviews can help.  I have had numerous 5* and 4* reviews and they definitely help in promoting the book. That is why I write 4* or 5* reviews on any books that have earned it because I know that it can make a difference.

4.  Some readers do not read the warnings.  When I have printed on the amazon page that they books have sexual situations and language and are for 18+ only, and then someone complains about the sex, then they should have read the warning.  So readers, if you leave a review complaining about something that was clearly indicated then you just make yourself look bad.

5.  While there are some trolls out there, the wonderful readers and fans far outweigh them.  I have met some amazing people on this journey.  I am absolutely loving it and love connecting with the readers.

So I haven’t fallen on my face.  My good reviews far outweigh my poor ones and I will keep on writing for me and my fans!




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  1. Hi Maryann,

    I really liked the book Gabe. Loved the way you have allowed the characters to bloom and you just did not concentrate on the sex. I do agree that sex is an important aspect in any relation but more important is what they share and whether they really understand each other. That angle is brought forth really well in this book. So good job done 🙂

    So when can we expect the next in this series? And who are you going to write about?

    All the Best

    1. Tony is now released. Vinny will follow in late July and then Jobe will be the next one in late September. I am so glad you enjoyed the books! I hope you try the Love’s Series – we meet the Alvarez boys in those stories.

  2. Just discovered your books with Gabe and then Tony. Loved both books! The plots are terrific and the characters are incredible. Love all of them. Per your suggestion I am going to read the Love series while I wait for the Jobe book.
    I agree with you on the stupid people that give bad reviews because of the sex in the book when it’s clearly spelled out that there’s going to be some in the book. Not sure why anyone would be “offended” as at 72 I enjoy reading about it asit gets my blood going! Old, but not dead.
    I wish you had a mailing list so that I wouldn’t miss your upcoming books!
    Thanks again for your wonderful writing! Am looking forward to reading more of your books!!!

    1. Thank you so much for contacting me! I can tell you that Vinny will be released in late July and Jobe will be ready for release in late September. Then Jacques “Jack” Bryant will lead off the next series!

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