Vinny is LIVE!!

It is always so exciting when a new book goes live!  Very much like giving birth and hoping that all goes well.  I have worked so hard for the past two years making sure that I was working to bring my readers the books that they have fallen in love with.  Vinny is the latest in the Alvarez Security Series and I loved writing it.  He was the happy-go-lucky one.  He lived the same way he loved his music – hard, fast, and loud!  But surprises can come at the most unexpected times!  He has to escort a young woman who is used to following everyone’s orders.  But Annalissa has a backbone and as she and Vinny embark on a fast cross-country escape, she comes into her own.  And he falls hard for the beautiful harpist!

I hope you take a chance on my books – they are truly the stories that I love to read!  And then let me hear from you!


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  1. Please read my review on Vinny on Amazon! Keep it up and please do not stop writing ever!! You write the books I love to read. I also like sci/fi romance as well. Do you think you will ever write in that genre?

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read, review, and contact me!! That makes my day!! I will keep writing – Jobe will be released in September and then my new series will begin (starting with Jacques “Jack” Bryant’s new group that was just introduced in this series). I won’t be writing in the sci/fi romance genre – I am much better in the one that I am familiar with! If you are on facebook, you can request to be in my Alpha fan group!

  2. I love gabe, tony and vinny. Please let me know when Jobe is out. Hopefully there will be a story about Jobe? Thanks for the good reading!

    1. Yes! Thank you so much for enjoying my books and letting me know!!! Jobe’s book is written and will be released in late September. I hope to have it for pre-order in early September. In the meantime, please try my other series. The Love’s Series is the story of Shane, Matt, and BJ – all who are in the Alvarez Series as well.

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