When art imitates life

14022286_1770000033242164_1504217243906566947_nI have had the amazing opportunity to not only visit but also have a condo on the fabulous Eastern Shore of Virginia, now the setting of my upcoming release and beginning of the new Baytown Bay Series.  Coming Home will star Mitch, one of the FBI agents that my readers have become introduced to through the Saints Protection & Investigation Series.

This picture is a Bed & Breakfast on the Eastern Shore and became the inspiration for my character, Tori Bradford’s, home.  Many of the real-life town scenes will appear in my fictionalized town of Baytown.

The new series, Baytown Boys, will follow a group of men who once formed childhood friendships that have lasted well into adulthood.  The group of young men all joined the military after high school and have now found their way back to the small town.

The inspiration for this story is also from a group of young men I worked with as a high school counselor about 12 years ago (more on that in another blog post).  But it is very true…my art does often imitate life.

I hope you will follow me on my Baytown Boys saga…lots of stories to tell!





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